Hi, I am Codruta!

Full time photographer, wife and mother of 2 (one human, one girl) and ex-mom of a four legged one. Our everyday story is filled with chaos and curiosity. We explore. We play. We get messy. It’s not always pretty, but it’s my definition of perfect.

What I love:

– coffee, photography, dogs, the beach and the Sea, hiking and music

– finding beauty in the ordinary, humor in the chaos, and love in the heartache.


• Based in the Netherlands, available for travel.

Family photography-Your Story Photo-dog

My Photography: My style is photo-journalistic/documentary/storyteling. Documentary photography has my heart! I’ve always been an avid people-watcher and I’m fascinated by the details of people’s everyday lives. I love finding beauty in the ordinary, humor in the chaos, and love in the heartache. 

Real moments, emotions, and connections are what I strive to capture with my camera.

I’ll capture both the ordinary and extraordinary moments, the relationships, the interactions, and the details of your family and home and turn them into art that you’ll love.

your story photo-this is me


We probably have so much in common; mostly loving our kids, relishing in their endless curiosity and trying to keep them alive!

And let’s not forget our love for our four legged kids and life partners.

Your everyday life is a whirlwind of bedhead, sandwich crusts and muddy footprints. 
A balancing act of mother, wife and self.  

Who has time for endless scrolling on social media (although Pinterest and Instagram constantly calls your name)? And why is it so hard to choose between making dinners, getting outside for some fresh air and reading just one more story? 

I am right there with you!  

 ” the mum behind the kids
behind the babies
and the bumps
and the toddlers smiling into the camera

I see the wipes and the nappies and the games and the songs
I see the snot and the poo and the tantrums and the kisses
I see you putting little arms
into little cardigans
and brushing tiny teeth.

(whilst being kicked in the face) “

You Story Photo - little branches