A Day in The Life

– real life, documentary sessions –

a day in the life- your story photo

From seeing the insane morning bedhead (complete with eye rubbing and giggle squeals) to capturing the potty training and the struggle of getting out of the shower just before bedtime stories – I photograph your complete day!

Any day.  A ‘probably-nothing-special-happening-but-still-the-kind-you-want-to-remember-forever’ day.

I want to document a day in your life.

And tell the story of your ordinary.


I photograph your life as it is now with authentic storytelling.  We create a documentary about your life.

The best Day in the Life sessions have nothing special planned – just families going about their day-to-day, visiting their favorite places, and loving each other as they always do.  

In terms of how long I’m with you, you have the option of a half day or a full day.

*available for travel
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You Story Photo - little branches
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