• Apple picking season in the Netherlands and fall vacation

    appels plukken-your story photo-apple picking family photoshoot

    It is fall/autumn vacation (herfstvakantie) in the Netherlands, so…what to do with the children during autumn vacation? One of my favorite activities to do with the children is: piking apples or as the Dutch will say: appels plukken. During the year, there are many farms and orchards that let you pick your own flowers, veggies and fruits, there is no entry fee, you just pay a parking ticket and for what you’ve picked. The apple picking (appels plukken) season in the Netherlands starts in late September and it ends at the end of October, perfect for a day out with the children during the autumn vacation. One of the most…

  • 5 ways to pose with your baby

    5 ways to pose with your newborn - baby photo

    Even if the arrival of a new baby it’s very exciting, it’s never really easy when you have a newborn, even if it`s the first one or the second or third…Everything changes! And you will want to keep those moments with you forever! That’s why it is important to document those ‘first’ precious moments.   I’ve put together, just for you, the amazing mom, a simple list of poses for photos that you and your partner can do together with your baby, so you can cherish the memory of your little one forever! 1. In mommy’s and/or daddy’s arms – the days will pass, the months will pass and… out of…

  • A beautiful Sunday | A Day in The Life with the K family

    Family Photographer Amsterdam

    A Day in The Life sessions…I just love them! A beautiful Sunday, when I got to capture some real, sweet and often funny moments that so often go unnoticed. This family had a half Day in The Life session and we got to spend it together. With a fresh new baby girl and a sweet little man in the house! And during our time together we visited a ice-cream shop! Mmmm, nom nom nom. How cool is that? 😀 And we went out for ice-cream :D… and I catch these two  :* He wasn’t so happy because he wasn’t allowed to eat chocolate ice-cream :)) , just some fruit ice-cream

  • the First bath

    Newborn Photography-Your Story Photo-fresh48-first bath

    When a fresh new daddy wants to learn how to make the first bath to his fresh new baby ♥

  • Cold, rainy days

    Your Photo Story - Documentary Family Photography-rainy days

    While living in the Netherlands we have a lot of cold, windy and rainy days. But that will never stop the indoor fun.